Don't Miss the Maker Corps Extravaganza August 16th, 17th, and 18th!

Photo of LED Painting in Maker Corps.

This weekend for the Maker Corps at COSI we made some crazy LED light paintings, some funky brushbot creatures, and taught kids how to make their first 3D models.

It always amazes me when I talk to a child or parent who does not know about 3D printing. I show them the cool things we've already printed with COSI's 3D printer and they just cannot believe that there are machines that can make real, 3-Dimensional objects. I've been trying to print a model of a Hammerhead Shark's skull all weekend, but both attempts have failed thus far. I guess we'll just have to try next week!

We also made some cool long exposure photographs with some simple LED lights. People loved the instant gratification of seeing what they had drawn in thin air. Check out some of the awesome photos below from our experiments.

Sadly, next week is our last week of Maker Corps here at COSI. We are planning to have a ultimate days of Stitching!, Sparking!, and Designing! where what every you can imagine, you can MAKE AND TAKE! Come check out our Programs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2p to 4p in the Gadgets Cafe. Space is limited and we only take reservations for the 2 o'clock time slot. After that it is first come first serve, so don't miss out!

Have a great week of exploring and we'll hopefully see you at COSI next weekend for the Maker Corps Extravaganza!

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