COSI’s EMS and Safety Day Update

This past May COSI held another EMS & Safety Day event. This event is held annually during EMS and Safety Week with the purpose of providing the community with information from area partners on how we can stay safe throughout the year. This year we welcomed 12 community partners that provided demos and activities focused on understanding CPR, preparing your home for natural disasters, proper car seat safety, and much much more! COSI guests even had an opportunity to play with real patient simulators that doctor and nurses use during their training.

Some of the major highlights of the day were the early landing by MedFlight and the car extrication demo that took place with the help from our partners at the Columbus Fire Department and The Central Ohio Simulation User Group, or COSUG. Visitors had an opportunity to explore the inside of a MedFlight helicopter and then watch Fire and EMS professionals rescue a patient simulator from a car! All these experiences provided guests with an opportunity to learn more about how EMS and Safety professionals within Columbus help to keep our communities safe, but also how they save lives every day.

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Providing the community with this important information on how to respond to unexpected emergencies is very important, which is why I am glad we had the opportunity to bring these great partners back this year to continue providing this relevant information. Thank you to all of our event partners for making EMS & Safety Day this year a huge success!

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