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Gadgets Cafe Demonstration

I am a proclaimed Geek. No apologies.

With one of my degrees in Physics I watch Big Bang Theory faithfully and say "those are my peeps!"

Can't say the same for some of the talented members who make up the diversity of our Vice Presidents helping support COSI's team. They love and are dedicated to COSI, but I don't think any of them ever got excited and built their own stereo or mess around at home with Robot kits.

So when we went down to our Gadgets Cafe at COSI to have the Gadgets' team help us understand how we are providing open ended learning opportunities, I wasn't sure how into it everyone would get.

I should not have doubted the power of making our own motor driven "art machines". The same positive feedback that comes from "build your own" opportunities we are now offering children and teens worked with our senior leaders.

As our little machines rotated and wobbled around the big sheets of paper I heard comments like "Never seen that happen before" and "That was a lot of fun!"

Reminded me that the same elements of discovery, accomplishment, individually driven activities that have fueled the "Makers movement nationally" for children and adults alike has appeal to "non-Geeks" as well.

I look forward to seeing this in spades at this Sunday's Mini Maker Faire we host with the Columbus Idea Foundry. And you can look forward as we offer and experiment with more open ended, "make it" challenges in Gadgets and our workshops and classes.

If innovation is going to drive our economy I can see some of that being nurtured right here at COSI with the "kids of all ages" we are engaging with these expanded opportunities.

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David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough is COSI's President and Chief Executive Officer. He's been leading the COSI Team since 2006 to further expand the institution’s positive impact on the learning opportunities for families, students, teachers and teens.

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