COSI brings a Sensory Sensation to Canal Winchester!

On July 29th, LKS Team Members brought the Science at Your Fingertips outreach to The Cottage Child Development Center in Canal Winchester. Sixteen 3 year-olds from two classes sampled the different sensations of sand, snow and flubber!

In this picture children watch as Team Member Carla creates snow.

mix snow

In this picture children have created a sculpture by inserting sticks into flubber which is made using white glue, warm water and borax. In addition to delighting in the squishy feeling of flubber, children practiced early writing skills through decorating the flubber with colored markers.


In this picture a little boy practices his fine motor skill through weaving.


Here a little girl is delighted by how the light coming through our light board illuminates the sand she is playing with.



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Photo of Jennifer Sweeney.

Jennifer Sweeney

Jennifer Sweeney, a native of Columbus, has recently relocated from San Jose, California where she spent the past seven years managing school readiness and early childhood intervention programs. Jennifer is currently an intern in COSI’s Little Kidspace.  As an outreach assistant, she helps implement science-focused workshops to preschools and community based  organizations all over central Ohio.  Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Hanover College and is currently working on an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development and Education from Columbus State Community College. She and her husband Mark live in Reynoldsburg with their six year old twins Emma and Bode. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys yoga, reading, travel, and hiking.

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