COSI Autism Activities Event: Exploring Art!

This past Sunday COSI held our second Autism Activities Event of the year. We welcomed over 200 guests as they not only had a chance to explore all of COSI’s classic exhibits, but also had fun exploring art with 3 guest artists. Thanks to Tracy Settle, Charlotte McGraw and Eric Marlow, event attendees took part in fun, adaptive art activities. Guest took turns making abstract art using Action Painting, designed flowers using recyclable materials, and made portraits utilizing fun magazine cut-outs. I had so much fun interacting with families and watching children develop their own works of art.

IMG 2059

IMG 2070

IMG 2064
COSI’s next Autism Activities Event is on Sunday, November 2nd 2014 from 9am-12pm. This will be another fun filled morning for families. If interested in attending, check out for more information!

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