Building a City in BigKidLab

In COSI’s Big KidLab, children have been working hard to design and build a city. Using recyclable materials such as milk jugs, egg cartons, cardboard, yogurt containers, and much more, children have become inspired to create a meaningful addition for the city.

COSI team members and adults have encouraged children to think about what is in a city. What structures are in a city? What does a city need? What did you see outside on your way to COSI? What do you wish a city could have?

Children are using their imagination to carefully put pieces together to design their own unique and meaningful piece. Take a look at some of the thoughtful, elaborate, and well-developed structures that our COSI Big KidLab architects, designers, and engineers have created.

In this photograph, you will see two developments. There is a door to the city for people to enter and there is a school so that children and adults can receive an education.


Not sure which way to go? Good thing we have arrows to give us direction and roads to travel on!


In this next image, you will see our very own COSI STAGE! Come on over to check out our Electrostatic Generator and Rat Basketball Shows.


Do you have a pet at home? Need to get him checked out? The vet house is right next door. Check it out!


Ready to go outside, run around, and play? Below, is the playground. Behind the playground is a building where you can work at.


After you get out all of that energy on the playground, you might be thirsty! Good thing the city has a water tower so that families can get water.


What’s more? It looks like there’s some carnival rides to enjoy. There is a ferris wheel that is made out of a plastic container with wooden sticks. There is also a hot air balloon that is made with wooden sticks and a milk jug. You can probably see the whole city from up here.


 And finally, maybe you’re from out of town or away on a trip. When it’s time to come to the city what can you do? You could ride in a car, train, or walk, or maybe you’re so far that you need a plane. This airplane is soaring over the city and just about to land in the airport below. Welcome!


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Erica Gilbert is the Manager of Early Childhood Outreach. Erica has been a team member at COSI since 2010. She travels out to early childhood centers in the community to facilitate hands-on programs for young children. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, painting, and being outside!

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