Brush Bots

Today in Little Kidspace we made Brush Bots! It was slow going as I only had about 5 kids in the first 2 hours, but it picked up during the last hour. I had about 10-12 kids total. This was the second time that I used the hot glue gun for things in LKS and I was worried that the kids would be too afraid to use it.

My suspicions were correct as most of them asked me to help them with it, which is fine, but that left kids waiting in almost a line for me to glue things down for them. Other than waiting for me to glue stuff the kids seemed to really enjoy the project. Once we got their bot moving they forgot about the wait ;) We talked about things like what a battery is and what it does, what a motor is and what it does, and how important it is to plan things out before you start a project. It was fun, and I think I will try this activity again tomorrow!

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