BRAINTRIP: Trying New Things

We’re always experimenting and trying new things at COSI

Today our experiment is in the marketing of COSI – we announced at 12 Noon today the “Brain Trip: A year of cerebral challenges and minds-on exhibits”. This was our way to announce the next four traveling exhibits for 2012-2013.

While the idea of a season announcement is not new, COSI has never done it before, hence the experiment. When the Marketing Team saw the content of the exhibits: LEGO® Castle Adventure (September 2012), Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Brain (October 2012), Mindbender Mansion (January 2013) and MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition (June 2013) – we saw an opportunity to tie them together for one amazing message.

We worked fast and furious over the past six weeks to get ready for today – I have to give a very big shout out to our design firm Peebles Creative Group who developed the concept and our Team who brought it to life – Digital Strategy Manager, Jeremy Riga; PR and Social Media Manager, Jaclyn Reynolds, Education Programs Marketing Manager, Doug Buchanan along with the good work of Jocelyn Mulvaney, Director of Membership and a whole host of other COSI Team it takes to launch a campaign. The Marketing Team is truly a great group of professionals who like to work and play hard – thanks everyone for all you do every day!

Part of the experiment was how we would announce the Brain Trip – we decided to make it a strong electronic campaign supported by printed materials and signage. We started with a countdown clock that was up for about 48 hours and social media posts and home page support to announce something special was coming. The precisely at Noon, we sent out an email to over 43,000 households, posted on Facebook and Twitter, sent a mobile message to 50,000 subscribers, posted pages and promo graphics on our website and the press materials became un-embargoed. In about 1 minute we reached over 100,000 people - Whew!

The next big step is the on-site roll-out which will happen between now and the end of the month to prepare for our summer visitors – who we hope will consider a Membership or coming back because of all of the great content.

So we’ll see how this experiment turns out – it is great to try new things.

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