Body Worlds - Unmatched Learning Experience, Going Fast!

I have spent over 40 years in education, so little is new to me. But I continue to be amazed at the unique and powerful learning experience I see, and have had personally, with the Body Worlds & The Brain. Only here until Sunday January 6 I’ve been encouraging friends to make it in—and we’re open until 9:00 pm every day from now ‘til the last day.

We have had two strokes, one shoulder surgery, one fractured wrist and arthritic knees in our family in the last few years and I have explored and understood better each one of those going through the exhibition, sometimes guided by a medical professional. I’ve spent well over 10 hours in the exhibition total and I’m still in awe and learning. The reverent tone of everyone in the exhibition has also been astounding—including full families with younger kids. Speaks to the power of the real human body with 17 full plastinate bodies, all with different reveals, among the 200 eye opening specimens.

And I guess I’m not the only one—friends came to see the exhibition yesterday and spent 4 hours in there! So hurry up and catch this fabulous exhibition which will be here only once, and only until January 6. Let me know about your experience!

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David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough is COSI's President and Chief Executive Officer. He's been leading the COSI Team since 2006 to further expand the institution’s positive impact on the learning opportunities for families, students, teachers and teens.

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