Accessibility Update—COSI Introduces Sensory Friendly Movies!

Sensory-friendly events banner.

Within the last 2 years COSI has been focused on identifying ways to make our building more inviting and welcoming to children, teens, and even adults with disabilities and special needs. Last year we introduced our Autism Activities Events and the response from the community has been GREAT! It has been an awesome experience working with those within the Columbus community to develop these special after hour events. Their feedback and willingness to assist COSI in making our Autism Activities Events the best they can be has been quite a rewarding experience.

Not only are we thrilled to continue to offer the Autism Activities Events again this year, but COSI will be introducing another opportunity for those individuals with special needs this summer! This June COSI will begin offering Sensory Friendly Movies experiences. These movie experiences will allow guests to experience one of COSI’s movies in our digital National Geographic Giant Screen Theater in an environment more comfortable for them. During our Sensory Friendly Movies we will be turning up the lights in the theater slightly, lowering the volume and allowing those within the theater the opportunity to move freely if they need to. This experience will provide a more comfortable setting to enjoy many of COSI’s unique films.

Both our Autism Activities Events and our Sensory Movie experiences are open to anyone of any age with a disability or special need. For more information on our Autism Activities Events and to register please visit: Additional details and information on how to register for COSI’s Sensory Friendly Movies can be found here: We hope to see you at one of these events and keep an eye out for more information on COSI’s accessibility initiatives!

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