A Special Day!

A photo of 333 W. Broad Street

Exactly 49 years ago today, COSI opened its doors on Easter Sunday in the old Memorial Hall on 280 E. Broad St.

Sandy Hallock (read more about him at had developed a dream for a new Columbus institution based on his lifelong interest in science and technology. His enthusiasm and vision gained the critical support of Hershel Stephan, Walter English, Preston Wolfe and the Franklin Historical Society Board (including Tad Jeffrey as a member). On opening day they welcomed over 5,000 people to see this new entity, COSI, helping launch a new era of what has become known as the worldwide science center movement -- with COSI one of its recognized founders and leaders.

We are continuing that busy Easter holiday tradition this weekend and we hope all of our guests have a great experience and make wonderful memories.

As we start the countdown to our 50th anniversary on March 29, 2014 I almost simultaneously (March 31) start my eighth year at COSI. As we look to the many opportunities and some challenge ahead I am grateful for the chance to be here during this special time. We will keep aligning ourselves with the rich potential of the future and evolving our ability to match the time and opportunities.

Enjoy your weekend and for those observing a religious holiday, may it be a meaningful one with your family.

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David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough is COSI's President and Chief Executive Officer. He's been leading the COSI Team since 2006 to further expand the institution’s positive impact on the learning opportunities for families, students, teachers and teens.

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