A New Look in little kidspace

The farm-to-table exhibit, which was designed and built here at COSI, includes a farm, farmers' market, and brand new house. The new red barn and farmers' market allows children to make real-life connections to local farms and farmers' markets. It also presents adults who visit with natural opportunities for storytelling about the rich cultural heritage of Columbus and central Ohio.

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Our new house includes opportunities for kitchen and construction play and uses natural materials, including real wood, stone and exposed brick. Natural materials (plants, water, sand, branches, or anything originating in nature) provide a multitude of sensory input, far more than artificial or man-made materials, and trigger a plethora of connections in the developing brain.

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Finally, the back corner of the space has been transformed into a Studio space and a Light and Shadows room, both of which are always open and accessible to guests. Come on by and see what activity we are doing in the Studio space, or explore and experiment with a variety of materials, light, and black lights in the Light and Shadows room.

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Despite the renovations, our policies have not changed. COSI maintains little kidspace® as a protected area exclusive to children who have not yet entered first grade. All of the exhibits have been designed specifically for this age group. Older siblings who visit along with younger children must use the Big KidLab, a fun and engaging space inside the gates of little kidspace that provides activities that are developmentally appropriate for older children.

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