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Get Out and Run!

Spring is here and with it comes (mostly) nice weather and more and more people will begin a running program as the days get warmer. After a long winter it feels nice to be outside and a great way to enjoy the outdoors is by running.  Running is a fun activity that also happens to be free. While running around your neighborhood, you are more likely to see your neighbors and might even make a few new friends. If you have any canine companions, they might even like to go for a run with you. In keeping with the season, here are a few more of the reasons to get out and run, as well as some advice for beginning a running regimen.

Update from Technology and Innovation

On Thursday, Feb. 20th I attended the Technical Review of our local Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program participants, DeSales High School. The Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Program provides grants to high school teams each year so they can invent technical solutions to real-world problems.

It all started with a Big Bang.

Find out how and find out how we know that!

The Universe used to be filled with hot, dense matter, smoothly distributed across a rapidly expanding space.  How did that become the complex Universe of clustered stars and galaxies that we see today?  That complexity includes humans who can figure out the history and future of the Universe by careful observations that bridge its vast distances and enormous age!

Field Trip Workshop "At The Park"

On February 13th, Ms. Willis’ preschool classroom from Arlington Park Elementary visited COSI and participated in the Field Trip Workshop, At the Park. During this program, children were able to explore activities that relate to what they may see, notice, or discover when they are outside at the park, at school, or in their neighborhood. Children were able to explore weather including wind and rainfall, construction of playspaces, and colors of nature.  Take a look at children’s explorations below!

Here, children are exploring water: rainfall, splashing, and puddles. What happens when water falls to the ground? Can you make splashes in the water? What does that sound like?
Field Trip Workshop

Fun in Hops, Slithers, and Crawls

Participating in inquiry learning, toddlers today at our Toddler workshop, Hops, Slithers, and Crawls, were exposed to animals that hop, slither, and crawl. Children and their adult enjoyed a short story and songs, then visited open exploration activity centers.  
Photo from early childhood education workshop.
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