Announcing My Retirement Plans

I write this blog post with mixed emotions.

I just announced my plans to retire at the end of 2016 to spend more time with our daughters' families (including our adorable grandchildren), caring for aging parents and spending more time traveling with my wife Dottie.

When I joined COSI in early 2006, we were struggling while still adapting to our new, larger building, different style of experiences and seemingly remote location.  The first picture of the simple COSI name on a blank wall captures some of the challenges at that time. 

web hallway pendulum 02

Over the last 10 years, working with our team, community leaders and partners, we have strengthened COSI's reputation, financial strength and positive impact.  We have been named the #1 science center in the country by Parent's magazine, we have won an international award for our "Center of Science" model with embedded partners like WOSU and OSU's Labs for Life, and we were chosen to show our best as hosts of the international conference of the Association of Science-Technology Centers in 2012. 


Oozing Pumpkin Experiment

Ahhh fall.  Changing leaves, apple picking, carving pumpkins, and the chance for some fall-related science!  As you can tell from my profile photo, I’m a Halloween girl - so any excuse I have to bring Halloween fun to an experiment, I’m in.

Photo of oozing pumpkins experiment.

Exploring the Intersection of Nanotechnology and Food

For my last post, I sat down with Dr. Jed Johnson from Nanofiber Solutions to talk about how nanotechnology is advancing medicine. You can see the video here.  Today we will be talking with Dr. Farnaz Maleky from The Ohio State University Food Innovation Center about how nanotechnology is advancing the food supply. Nanotechnology is simply the science of the very small. 


COSI brings a Sensory Sensation to Canal Winchester!

On July 29th, LKS Team Members brought the Science at Your Fingertips outreach to The Cottage Child Development Center in Canal Winchester. Sixteen 3 year-olds from two classes sampled the different sensations of sand, snow and flubber!

Photo from Science at Your Fingertips Outreach Program.

Quadcopters and Drones

You may have heard some talk recently about quadcopters or drones. From military applications, Amazon package delivery, and even a California based burrito delivery service unmanned aerial vehicles seem to be the emerging technology of the day. With all of these new developments people are right to be excited. Never before in history have we had the opportunity to purchase an aircraft that can be programmed to fly over a range of 1 mile without a pilot on board for less than $300. This fact positions quadcopters and drones to revolutionize transportation, agriculture, media production, military applications, and other industries as innovations are introduced. 
Mike Cairns from Infinite Impact studio does a quadcopter test flight in preparation for Thursday's COSI After Dark.
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