Farm Days

“My mom gets our food from the grocery store - that's where it comes from, right?”

Well, not exactly.

COSI is trying to connect children to the places where their food comes from. That’s why we’re bringing a little bit of the farm right into the middle of Columbus with “Farm Day: Little Seeds, Big Tractors”, taking place August 6-10 at COSI.
Photo of Farm Days 2014.

Quadcopters and Drones

You may have heard some talk recently about quadcopters or drones. From military applications, Amazon package delivery, and even a California based burrito delivery service unmanned aerial vehicles seem to be the emerging technology of the day. With all of these new developments people are right to be excited. Never before in history have we had the opportunity to purchase an aircraft that can be programmed to fly over a range of 1 mile without a pilot on board for less than $300. This fact positions quadcopters and drones to revolutionize transportation, agriculture, media production, military applications, and other industries as innovations are introduced. 
Mike Cairns from Infinite Impact studio does a quadcopter test flight in preparation for Thursday's COSI After Dark.

YOU.edit camp

Last week, COSI and WOSU wrapped up this year's YOU.edit Video Journalism Lab (high school level) during which students learned a plethora of video production skills including camera functions, lighting, editing, and interview techniques.
Photo from YOU.edit lab.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Happy to see our new neighbors, The Columbus Idea Foundry (CIF), getting some national attention. We think the combination of COSI, CIF, and all the other Franklinton innovators are going to make this into the coolest neighborhood in Columbus!

Exploring Plants at COSI

Be sure to visit Big Science Park during your next trip to COSI. There you will see our new container garden featuring a variety of herbs and produce. This garden, which was made possible thanks to support from The Scotts Miracle-Gro Community Garden Academy Fund of The Columbus Foundation, was created in partnership with the George Washington Carver Food Research Institute.  Some of the produce harvested from the garden will be used to feed COSI’s animal collection. Any additional produce will be donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. We hope you will enjoy watching our garden grow this summer and fall.
Photo of the Community Garden at COSI.
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