Playdough Game Controllers and 3D Printing!

Finishing out this weekend of design! Nathaniel and I did 3D printing on Saturday and paper video game controllers on Sunday! A lot of people were drawn to the 3D printing because its such a cool, up and coming technology that's continually gaining momentum. A lot of parents had heard about it and were really excited to explain how it worked to the kids. Unfortunately it was down during our actual workshop but luckily Nathaniel had printed out some rocket ships to give to kids that came to the workshop.
Photo from weekend Maker programs.

It's All About Design in Maker Camp This Weekend

This weekend the Maker Cafe is all about Design! Today Nathaniel and I started it off with "cool clocks". We used Frisbees as the back of our clocks, and used clock kits for the body. The main project was teaching the kids how to use a protractor to measure out angles. This required them first to do the math to figure out how big of an angle should be between each number.
Photo from Maker program.

Maker Programs in little kidspace

This past Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday I got to spend some time with the awesome people of little kidspace, Big KidLab specifically. Big KidLab is a place where the older siblings of the kids playing in little kidspace can go; they have tons of entertaining activities. This week we did several projects! One day we designed and made our own superheroes!
Photo of maker program in Big Kidlab.

Sonorus!! Sci-Fi Movie Series at COSI Kicks Off With Harry Potter (Ticket Giveaway)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Grab your robes and wands and head over to COSI for the Sci-Fi Movie Series! TONIGHT we'll kick things off with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! One great price gets you the movie, parking, food/drink voucher, and games and trivia before the movie!

Oh, excuse me! Quietus!
Photo of COSI's Sci-Fi Movie Series Banner

Popsicle Sticks, Googly Eyes, Buttons, etc. = Superheroes!

Today I brought a BUNCH of supplies down for kids to make superheros. It was basic stuff; feathers, felt, Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, buttons, etc. I also brought a hot glue gun and some sewing materials too. It turned out to be a "make-whatever-you-want" project. Which is totally fine!
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