RACE: Are We So Different? Coming to COSI

RACE: Are We So Different? was highlighted by the President of Columbus City Council and our 8 minute introductory video was shown, as seen in this phone camera shot. I am thrilled to see the potential of this COSI offering as a tool for community dialogue and understanding. I can’t wait for its opening January 28.
RACE: Are We So Different? Coming to COSI

COSI Loses Someone Special - David Castle, Sr.

While many of us were getting the favorite family dishes out on the table Thanksgiving Day, one of COSI families were unexpectedly and shockingly going through the loss of the family patriarch, David Castle, Sr. Felled by a sudden heart attack, the Castle family day went from joy to tragedy with his death. With shock the rest of us found out during the course of the day by text messages and e-mails we picked up—creating an awkward internal tension between our personal joys and gratitude on Thanksgiving and our sense of personal grief and the unconscionable anguish we knew the Castle family had been thrust into.

Space Beckons and Excites Again?

Can the United States space program reignite excitement in the exploration of our broader universe beyond the surface of our earth? And if so, can it be significant without manned flight in stimulating people’s natural curiosity about our place in the world and universe?

International Thought Movement Comes to COSI

TED conferences have become world famous—with some of the most brilliant talks and speakers you can ever find congregated at one place.

TEDx, the approved expansion into local versions have now spread worldwide.

TEDx Youth is a new concept that will play out in about 50 cities worldwide, but one of the earliest took place today at COSI.


Fantastic Demo Defying Logic

We recently returned from our international science center conference where one of the features is an exhibit hall of activities, exhibits, programs that can be purchased or rented for use in science centers around the world. One booth had an incredible demo that caught the attention of even seasoned science educators like myself.

You’ve got to check this one out—I can’t describe it as you would think I was lying. The video clip you are going to see has already registered well over 5 million hits, so I must not be the only one intrigued by this.

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