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From exploring castles made out of LEGO® bricks to the beauty and fragility of the human body to challenging puzzles and busting myths – COSI has something for everyone to explore in 2012-2013. The Brain Trip begins with LEGO® Castle Adventure - medieval times come alive LEGO style – this fun exhibition lets you imagine and build castles using LEGO® Bricks. Opens September 29th. Also coming this fall is one of the most magnificent exhibits COSI has ever hosted - Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Brain. BODY WORLDS has been seen by 32 million people worldwide. BODY WORLDS & The Brain is making its regional debut at COSI on October 17th. Our next stop will be Mindbender Mansion opening January 2013, featuring challenging puzzles, mindbending brainteasers and more. We’ll finish our trip in June 2013 with MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition where you can uncover the truth behind myths through hands-on experiments, see live MythBusting demonstrations and explore authentic props and gadgets direct from the MythBusters set.
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